in waste we trust

3 billion people

 (half the world population)


rely on burning

wood, dung and crop residue for domestic energy 



The current energy supply is not solving the problem because solutions are either too expensive or there's no infrastructure.

 So what can we do? 


We developed a portable and low-cost

 biogas plant  that uses organic waste instead of wood or dung

to generate clean cooking gas and organic fertilizer from remaining slurry.

Organic waste




Our solution was specifically developed to address the need of

the 3 billion people living in developing countries

Besides eliminating indoor air pollution, biogas does not contribute to higher CO2 emissions and its therefore one of the most climate-friendly fuels. 


Poworganic adventure started in Bangladesh in 2017, from the need of a country whose level of pollution was dramatically affecting its inhabitants and the environment.


We’ve expanded our resources to Europe and today we are an international team. We’re committed to improve the health of those 3 billion people around the World who don’t have access to a healthy energy supply.


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800 - 1000 liter gas