Our mission is to help the 3 billion people still using wood, crop and dung for domestic energy.

This means:

 no more indoor air pollution 

causing 4.3M deaths per year

 no more environmental impact 

due to deforestation and burning 

 women spending less time sourcing wood 

from 400 - 1,000 hours per year


Louis Marechal

Business Development

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"I'm an explorer who thinks beyond standards, driven by curiosity on our changing world and society. I believe in collaboration more than competition."

Niloy Das


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"I'm a tech enthusiastic and entrepreneur. I'm passionate on new technology innovation to mitigate social issues."

Vanessa Pepe

Business Development

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"I'm a bold and creative person passionate about technology, our Planet and bringing
the same chances to every human being."

Mazadur Rahman Masum

Head of Product Development

"Technology innovation & product development - describe me the best. I'm passionate to new technology innovation in the field of automobile, Industrial automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and waste management."

Joydip Saha

Senior Engineer

"I have a passion for Green energy solutions for everyday life.

My specialty encompasses modelling and design, artificial intelligence and controls engineering.

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